Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome, Traveler!

Welcome, Traveler! Have you journeyed far? You have come to the Haven of the Prince of Farthestshore, and here you may rest. We are the assistants to the knight, Dame Imraldera, who keeps this haven. Come, follow us to the Library. This is where Imraldera writes down all the Tales of Goldstone Wood.

What is Goldstone Wood? It is the wood that separates and holds together the worlds, both mortal and Faerie. The perilous stories of those who have ventured through the Wood and what became of them there can be found in the novels The Tales of Goldstone Wood which you will see to your right, written by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

Ah, here is the Library. You will see Recent Tales, which are the newest stories wanderers of the Wood have contributed. Also, you will notice the Fan Fiction Contests. This is where the fans of Goldstone Wood sent in their very best tales, and a contest was held to determine the winners.

You have a tale to tell of Goldstone Wood? You have read at least one of the novels, and now you have a fan fiction to share? Wonderful! If you would like to contribute to the ever growing world of the Wood, then please send in your story to us at

Please keep in mind that the stories must involve the worlds in or surrounding Goldstone Wood. This requires that you have read at least one of the novels. Also, please keep story content clean. We have young knights in training here and we wish to edify them as best as possible.

If you want to receive notification of the incoming stories and art, please follow the Recent Tales and Fan Art rooms as the Main Hall is going to keep its welcome on display for any newcomers. If you follow this main room, you won't be alerted of any new work.

Thank you, and feel free to explore around the Library!


Rebekah said...

Hi! I am a huge Tales of Goldstone Wood fan, and so I'm trying to start up a fan blog for the series on tumblr. I'd like to know if it would be all right for me to share some of the amazing fan art posted here on tumblr? Any artwork shared would have full credit to the artist, and a link back to here.

Maids Hannah and Beka said...

I don't recall an artist requesting their art NOT be shared in fandom fun, so I don't see why not. I'll let you know if I hear differently! Thank you for including credits! :)

Rebekah said...

Great! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Even though there probably won't be another fanfiction contest, I have a pretty huge one that I've been working on. When it's done, could I still post it here?

Maids Hannah and Beka said...

Absolutely! You can send it in and we will post it under Recent Tales! However, there may yet be a fan fiction contest this year as the fan art is happening right now!

Lady Merewen said...

I was wondering if I could still send in fanart or fanfiction. I don't have any ready right now, but I have a couple in the works.